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Transfer certificates

In order to comply with KHDA regulations, your child requires a transfer certificate from his or her present school. The certificate must be typed on the school’s official letterhead paper, and must be signed and stamped by the issuing school. The certificate must be an original – photocopies cannot be accepted.

The KHDA stipulates that the two previous years of full school reports and any mid-year reports from the current academic year must be submitted to Kent College before any application can be completed. The reports must be in English. If available, a Nursery School report should be provided for Foundation Stage 1 and 2. If the applicant has had any SEN (Special Educational Needs) support, all reports must be provided.

On all transfer documents, the latest grade/year level must be shown along with a clear indication of what level the applicant has passed or failed.

We appreciate your co-operation on all these matters.

The transfer certificate should contain the following information:
1. Pupil’s full name
2. Date of birth
3. Date of admission at present school
4. School curriculum (e.g. British, American etc.)
5. Class of admission
6. Current class attending
7. Date of leaving
8. Reason for leaving
9. Pupil’s full name _____________has completed Year ______(equivalent to Year _____________in the British curriculum) and has been promoted to Year_______ OR Pupil’s full name____________ is continuing his / her studies in Year ______(equivalent to Year _______in the British curriculum)
10. Signature of Head of School
11. Date
12. School stamp

For pupils coming from United Kingdom, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, the transfer certificate only needs the school stamp and signature of the Head of School.

For pupils coming from any other country, the transfer certificate must be attested by:
The Ministry of Education*
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs*
The UAE Consulate [if no consulate, then any other Arab country’s embassy or consulate]*
*From the country which the pupil is leaving. Pupils coming from any GCC countries (Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi), the transfer certificate need only be attested by The Ministry of Education of that country.


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