Senior students in a maths lesson learning


School Year 2017-18

Autumn Term

Tuesday 5 September

New pupil induction

Wednesday 6 September

Term begins

Friday 22 September

*tbc Hijri

Sunday 1 October

Staff CPD (pupils not in school)

Sunday 29 October –Thursday 2 November

Half term

Thursday 30 November

Martyrs’ Day

Friday 1 December

*tbc Prophet’s Birthday

Saturday 2 December

National Day

Thursday 14 December

Last day of teaching

Spring Term

Sunday 7 January

Term begins

Sunday 11 – Thursday 15 February

Half term

Thursday 22 March

Last day of teaching

Summer Term

Sunday 8 April

Term begins

Friday 13 April

*tbc Isra wal MIraj

Sunday 27 - Thursday 31 May

Half term

Thursday 14 - Sunday 17 June

*tbc Eid al Fitr

Thursday 5 July

Last day of teaching

*The dates of Islamic observances are confirmed nearer the time

Please make sure that your child does not miss valuable school time. It is compulsory for all pupils to attend from the first day of term to the last. Parents are requested not to take their children out of school for holiday purposes during term time. Any requests for time away from school must be made to the Principal.


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