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History has never been as important as it is now. By looking at the history of different cultures, pupils can build up a better understanding of why certain peoples act the way they do, and by studying the various tributaries of humanity, a broad cultural awareness is theirs for the taking. The United Arab Emirates is a multicultural society and learning about its history encourages us to celebrate this. History at Kent College Dubai encourages pupils to develop the ability to analyse, critique, research, evaluate, and question the world around them – skills that are invaluable in many jobs. History not only provides these skills sets for a pupil but it also keeps career options open, making history students not only attractive to prospective universities, but also to future employers. People with qualifications in history follow an enormous variety of career paths in business, journalism, the law, government and academia.

Key Stages 3 and 4 (IGCSE)

History is taught within a broadly chronological framework in the first three years at Kent College, focusing on the British Isles but diverting into other important and stimulating topics. The course leads naturally on to 20th century IGCSE History, which many pupils opt to take at Key Stage 4. Pupils are encouraged to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and think for themselves about the historical issues that arise. There are videos, ICT work, dedicated textbooks, sources and trips. We encourage pupils to bring in any artefacts, which they may have at home. Pupils will be transported back in time to a variety of decades through our effective use of active learning methodologies in class. This, along with our additional resources to be found on the website devised by Kent College Canterbury will ensure that every type of learner is encouraged, challenged, and supported whilst studying History at Kent College Dubai.

Key Stage 5 (A level)

We follow the AQA curriculum for A level. It requires pupils to study the history of more than one country or state including at least one outside the British Isles as well as aspects of the past in breadth and in depth, significant individuals, societies, events, developments and issues within a broad historical context, and developments affecting different groups within the societies studied. We have selected modules based on the above specifications including The British Empire c.1857–1967 and international relations throughout the later 20th century, with a major focus on the Cold War Era. History is a wonderful subject for developing the skills of communication and argument, and analysis and problem-solving are two important skills that are honed at A level.

Head of Department Aisling Connell
I come from Dublin, Ireland and I eat, sleep, and breathe history! I have a major love for Russian, Asian (Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese), and German history. I developed my passion for anything historical whilst at school and my studies at University College Dublin, where I completed a BA in History and Geography, further enhanced my love of the subject. I have taught a variety of curricula in both Ireland and the UAE. I look forward to being part of an innovative and exciting department made up of amazing pupils hungry for historical knowledge!


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