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Geography helps you to make sense of the world around you. It is hands-on, relevant and fun. Current Key Stage 3, IGCSE and A-level courses offer a good mix of human, physical and environmental topics such as urban issues, world development, extreme environments, rivers and hazards, to name but a few. Geography gives you the chance to get to grips with some of the big issues, such as climate change and globalisation, that affect our world, and to understand the social, economic and physical forces and processes that shape and change our world.

There are many ways of learning in geography. Practical work includes modern computer-based mapping (Geographical Information Systems/GIS), map skills, interpreting photographs, fieldwork skills, presenting, role play and debating techniques. You will improve your literacy through report writing and written work, and make practical use of your numeracy skills when you interpret data and construct graphs. Fieldwork is also an important part of geography. Whether you travel a few hundred metres or hundreds of kilometres, it is a brilliant opportunity to experience some of the things you have learnt about in class and see things differently.

A career with geography

Studying IGCSE and A-level geography teaches you a variety of skills that are useful for a wide range of courses at university. If you do decide to study for a geography degree you will find that geography graduates are very employable because of their broad skills base and understanding of the world. Click on these links to see where geography can take you: Going places with geography part 1
Going places with geography part 2
Royal Geographic Society (RGS) - careers with geography

Geography at KCD

Geography is taught as a core subject to all pupils from Year 7 to Year 9, then as an optional subject at IGCSE and A level. Pupils learn in a supportive environment, and technology is used throughout the department to enhance the learning experience. A variety of teaching styles are used, and all pupils are encouraged to develop good learner skills such as problem solving, collaboration, inquiry, open mindedness and empathy. Extensive resources will be available to support learning on KCD’s Google Classroom.

Key Stage 3

We teach the geography curriculum through topics to build skills and knowledge over the three-year key stage. Key stage topics include: what is geography?; rivers; the Horn of Africa; population and migration; India; extreme weather; climate and ecosystems; Russia; the Middle East; the development and the geography of the United Arab Emirates. There are regular assessments that challenge pupils to develop their writing skills and how to apply geographical knowledge in a coherent and well-explained way.

Key Stage 4 (IGCSE)

We follow the Edexcel IGCSE geography course which builds on the skills and knowledge gained in Key Stage 3. There are four sections in the IGCSE covering topics such as coastal environments; urban environments; economic activity and energy; river environments; fragile environments and fieldwork skills. Pupils complete fieldwork both in their local area and overseas during this course. The course is assessed by two examinations at the end of Year 11.

Key Stage 5 (A level)

We follow the International A-level Edexcel course which builds on the skills and knowledge gained at IGCSE. There are four sections that broadly cover areas such as physical systems; human interactions; geographical debates and investigative geography. Pupils will complete fieldwork during this course. The course is assessed by two examinations at the end of Year 12 and another two examinations at the end of Year 13.

Head of Geography: Matt Barker
I obtained my PGCE in Geography with Outdoor Studies from the University of Leeds in June 2002. I have taught at four schools in the UK as well as overseas in Mombasa, Kenya and most recently at The British School of Bahrain. I have held many positions of responsibility during the last 14 years of teaching including gifted and talented coordinator, Head of Geography department and Head of Humanities Faculty. I am married to Mrs Jane Barker who is KCD’s Head of Business and we have two children, Ella who will start KCD in Year 4 and Alex who will start in Year 1.


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