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English is the main language of instruction at Kent College Dubai and it is essential that pupils have the required skills to discuss issues fluently, to read a variety of texts, and to write effectively and grammatically correctly on a range of topics, using the appropriate style for the task in hand. The study of English may also be considered essential for the self-development of each pupil, putting him or her in touch with the rich tradition of English literature, both ancient and modern, and allowing her or him to consider ethics and morality in an ever-changing world. By reading texts from other cultures, times and traditions, we also intend to foster tolerance and global awareness. It is hoped that the true value of literature will be a civilising influence, as well as an enjoyable way of passing the time.

English Language and Literature is taught as a core subject to all pupils from Year 7 to Year 11, culminating in two qualifications at the end of year 11, one IGCSE in English Language and one IGCSE in English Literature. This is excellent preparation for optional further study of English Literature at A level.

Right from the start in Year 7, pupils are exposed to a diverse range of literature and text types in a supportive and explorative environment. To fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum and to engage pupils in the study of English, historic and popular texts are combined with new writing and unusual text mediums. Online learning tools are used to support pupils in accessing support and a wide range of resources. Pupils are supported in making their English study a very individual learning experience, sharing how their culture is represented through literature and encouraged to think critically about the texts they study. Pupils benefit from dedicated EAL support where necessary.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7-9, study is split into a variety of modules in poetry, prose, drama, non-fiction and media. Each module draws on a range of text and is underpinned by a focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar. In line with the National Curriculum Framework, students will be prompted to respond creatively, critically and verbally, in a variety of mediums.

Key Stage 4 (IGCSE)

Building upon skills developed in Key stage 3, pupils will be begin two courses of IGCSE study at the beginning of year 10. The Pearson Edexcel courses utilise an anthology of texts from a wide variety of sources, as well as pre- and post-1900 prose and plays. Pupils will create essay-based coursework and will complete the course with the IGCSE examinations in May of Year 11.

Stage 5 (A level)

English Literature A level is very highly regarded by higher education institutions. The Edexcel A level supports pupils in becoming widely read, but also encourages them to read literary criticism to develop their critical thinking skills further. Pupils are exposed to a variety of text types, classified under a diverse umbrella of genres and will aim to make connections between what they read, other works of fiction and non-fiction and the contemporary world around them. The mode of assessment incorporates internally assessed, essay based coursework and external examination at the end of the two-year programme of study.

Head of Department: Ms Clare Boyes cboyes@kentcollege.ae


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