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Biology is the study of the living world; the issues that impact on our lives and the world around us. Most people have an ingrained curiosity about the subject since it relates directly to everything they do and everything they are. From the tiniest virus to the biggest whale to the tallest tree, Biology will help you unlock the answers to life's mysterious code.

The field of Biology is vast. Have you ever wondered how the brain functions differently when conscious or unconscious? Do you know how a species is able to change and survive in different environments? Have you ever wondered why the tiniest virus is able to take over a whole human being? Have you ever thought about how a cell becomes cancerous and what we could do to prevent it in the future? Are you interested in discovering how natural processes are being distorted by humans and do you want to prevent future issues? Biology is the subject that will help you answer all these questions and more. We look forward to working with our pupils to help them gain the skills of creativity, lateral thinking, problem solving, critical analysis and evaluation needed not only for success in Biology but in also their future lives, whatever subjects they might chose to follow.

Biology students are highly adaptable, with careers taking them all over the world from the rainforests of the Amazon to the plains of South Africa; from the wilderness of Antarctica to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Pupils who study Biology will often enter careers such as medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, nursing, oceanography, biochemistry, zoology and environmental ecology. However the list doesn't limit itself there with Biology students being highly sought after in business, law, economics, accounting, market research or even at NASA!

Key Stage 3

Biology is a core subject and is taught as part of a Science course in Key Stage 3. Pupils are encouraged to learn through an interactive, practical and problem-solving scheme of learning that explores some of today's big issues. Pupils have four lessons of Science a week, with Biology units studied alongside Chemistry and Physics. The Key Stage 3 program is based on the Exploring Science; Working Scientifically scheme which has been adapted to best suit the needs and expectations of our pupils at Kent College.

Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

Biology remains a core subject at Key Stage 4 with pupils studying the AQA exam board Biology GCSE qualification. This course enables pupils to successfully transfer their skills towards either the A-Level or IB courses in their Post-16 studies.

Key Stage 5 (A-Level)

Biology is a popular option subject at both A-Level and IBDP. Students will be following the AQA exam board A-Level qualification to ensure consistency in learning expectations from their GCSE studies. Pupils will engage with issues of genetic inheritance, ecology, evolution, disease and human physiology as part of the course.

Head of Biology: Rhiannon Robson


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