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The application and appreciation of art permeates through our society in a myriad of different guises from our most famous galleries and institutions to everyday advertising and comics. For those who wish to study art through school and beyond there is a wide choice of career paths in numerous industries including commercial artist, digital illustrator, curator, university lecturer and many more. However, art at Kent College Dubai is not just for those who wish to seek a future career in the subject it is for everyone to enjoy. The pleasure of learning new skills and creating art within the context of those artists who have gone before us is a central tenet of the department. The aim is to make the art department at Kent College Dubai a vibrant, inclusive, and exciting place where pupils can explore their creative potential.

Key Stage 3
The Art curriculum at Key Stage 3 is designed to introduce pupils to a broad range of techniques including drawing, painting, sculpture and other aspects of art, craft, and design. At the start of Key Stage 3 pupils are given a drawing basics project that introduces them to the fundamental skills of drawing and which also sets a baseline from which they can progress. Pupils are taught to develop their creativity and ideas through a diverse range of projects that incorporate great artists, craft makers and designers. They also gain a contextual knowledge understanding of the cultural and historical developments that shaped artistic movements.
Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

We follow the AQA GCSE Art syllabus. The progression from KS3 to GCSE requires pupils to address a significant step up in maturity and how they intellectualize their approach to the course. At this level the pupils are required to produce exciting original artwork that is supported by independent contextual research. The projects produced by pupils are personal responses to a given title, meaning that not one project is the same. Pupils are encouraged to be independent and creative.

Key Stage 5 (A level)

The study of Art at this level requires sustained independent research that leads pupils to genuine creative discoveries. Work must be thoughtfully presented and supported by contextual, intellectual, and insightful research. It is a truly exciting course that pushes pupils to work outside their comfort zones and explore creative techniques and conceptual boundaries.

Head of Art: Steven Ward MA (Art Hist) sward@kencollege.ae
Art has been a passion of mine since I can remember and I have practised, studied, and taught the subject for the majority of my life. I also have a great love of Art History and in 2013 I realized a personal ambition of successfully completing a Master of Arts in this fascinating subject. Depending on your feelings about this subject I can enthrall or bore in equal measures!


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