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Years 10 & 11
Bespoke timetabling

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At GCSE ­pupils are expected to follow a core programme that reflects the key subjects noted by the DSIB: Arabic and Islamic Studies for appropriate pupils, as well as English, Mathematics and Science for all pupils. Pupils follow a programme of between 6 and 12 subjects, appropriate to their ability, with extra lessons provided in core subjects where necessary to ensure success. Following the lead set by our sister school in Canterbury, there is a strong element of flexibility to allow courses to be tailor-made for each individual. There is more detailed information about GCSEs in the GCSE Option Booklet.

Subjects offered for GCSE
 Core GCSE subjects Optional GCSE subjects – choose 4 from:
 English (Language and Literature) Arabic
 Mathematics Art & Design
 Biology Business Studies
 Chemistry Design Technology
 Physics Drama
 Islamic Studies (non-examined) French
 PHSE (non-examined) Geography
  Physical Education


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