Student in the school fields playing

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs)

“Teach me, and I will forget. Show me, and I might remember. Involve me, and I will never forget.”

Inclusiveness is central to our philosophy as well as the desire to enable elite performers to exercise and develop their outstanding talents. Our extra-curricular activity programme aims:

  • To give our students opportunities to explore and develop their experiences
  • To teach pupils to be responsible and fulfilled human beings
  • To give them opportunities that may benefit them in later life
  • To allow pupils to develop character, social skills, critical thinking and talents
  • To support the curriculum that is taught and the values that are installed at Kent College Dubai.



 Art and Craft
 Board Games
 Design and Make
 Eco Club
 Film Club
 Language Leaders

 Cross Country
 Hip Hop Cardio



 Arabic Homework
 Book Club
 Debating Society
 EAL Study Skills and Support
 Geography Club
 History Society
 Language Leaders
 Maths Support
 Model United Nations
 Science Club
 STEM Club
 Presentation Skills
 World Scholar’s Cup

 Chamber Choir
 Drama Production
 Flexible Ensemble
 Music Club
 Solo Choir


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