A Nursery Student taking part in Physical Education

Caring for your child

The school day

Our Early Years children start their day at 8am (the same time as all pupils in the school). Throughout the day, teachers prepare and facilitate activities to encourage skills and knowledge in all seven areas of learning, in order for children to achieve the 17 Early Learning Goals at the end of Foundation Stage 2. Core areas of social development and communication will be encouraged in all activities, with teachers assessing learning, planning activities and observing the children’s development and interest before starting the cycle again.

There are some specialist lessons taught in Foundation Stage but, where possible, these happen in the classrooms in order to cut down on transition times around school.

Breaktimes happen throughout the morning and classes are timetabled in both our indoor and outdoor play areas. School finishes at 1.30pm.

Snacks and lunch

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, healthy eating is encouraged at all times. Children are expected to bring in a healthy snack from home each day, with a fresh bottle of water and are encouraged to eat snacks and lunch together in a calm and social environment.

Lunches are eaten in the EYFS building. We encourage healthy eating and good table manners from the first day and whether children choose to bring in packed lunches or purchase a cooked meal from our kitchens, we encourage them to make sensible choices and expect all pupils to be eating healthy, nutritious food.


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