Key Stage 1 (ages 5 - 7)

Our Key Stage 1 department is located in the Junior school, next door to the EYFS, allowing children to move seamlessly from one stage to the next. The learning areas for Key Stage 1 are stimulating, beautiful and fun, encouraging children to play together. Whilst still supporting and enabling the critical social and learning behaviours from the Foundation Stage, children in Key Stage 1 begin to develop more sophisticated skills as they increase their confidence in reading, writing and mathematics. Children learn through active, exciting and fun activities and are taught the tools to access learning effectively, in both basic and social skills.

Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

Key Stage 2 is made up of four different year groups, from Years 3 to 6. These are the years where children become far more settled in terms of their social skills, and are ready to embark with confidence on more challenging and goal-oriented learning opportunities, both independently and within collaborative teams. Pupils are given opportunities to take part in musical, sporting, artistic and academic activities in competition with other schools in Dubai. The pupil council offers additional opportunities for children to contribute and participate in projects and progress within the school community, valuing pupil ‘voice’ and contribution.

More information about our Junior School can be found in the Junior School Information Booklet and in our Junior School Parent and Pupil Handbook here:


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