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Year 4 trip to Victorian Cafe

Year 4 trip to Victorian Cafe

What a fantastic find The Victorian Cafe was - perfect for providing a realistic experience for the children to experience life as a rich Victorian.  Upon arrival, the children were welcomed by the butlers and the manager and shown to their tables that were laid out with white table cloths, napkins, silver cutlery and elegant cups and saucers. The cafe had a specially printed menu with Kent College on the front! The elaborate chairs and grand decor made it feel like the class and teachers had gone back in time to the Victorian days.

A choice of Very Berry or English Breakfast tea was soon followed with a tea cake stand filled with mini Victoria sponges and a range of fancy sandwiches with the crusts cut off. The 'young ladies' placed their napkins in their laps, while the 'young gentlemen' tucked theirs in their collars before tucking into the beautifully prepared food.

The Victorian staff treated everyone like rich, privileged ladies and gentlemen, offering more tea and cakes and then surprising everyone with a little gift of a red velvet chocolate and homemade cookie. The children were made to feel very special - “like we really were posh ladies!” as quoted by one very satisfied customer!

Their class teacher would like to thank Karl, the head chef, and all the staff for making the visit so worth while. It was hard to find an out of classroom educational experience in Dubai to help the pupils learn more about the Victorians (there is a considerable lack of chimneys to send children up in!), but this was the perfect launch for the ‘Rich versus Poor’ element of the Year 4 topic. After learning about how terrible life was for poor children in Victorian times, this was an excellent way to learn, through experience, what life was like for the wealthy, how to behave like the rich did, and how to recognise Victorian style decor, food and traditions.

The children were excellently behaved and most importantly, thoroughly enjoyed it, which is always the best way to guarantee and remember great learning.