A group of 7 Students in a golf cart
'Bugsy Malone'

'Bugsy Malone'

Our Head of Drama, Mr Thurston, relays to us his thoughts and thanks on the magnificient production of 'Bugsy Malone'.

"Being involved in creating and staging a theatrical performance is always a great pleasure and a unique journey.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of working in the Performing Arts, is that it is a truly collaborative and bonding experience. The journey for this show started before we had even set foot in the Auditorium and before we had even met many of the pupils as Mrs Bourdillon, Mr Bourdillon and I discussed some of our favourite shows, our greatest successes (and failures), finding common ground and shared passions.  Eventually we settled on 'Bugsy Malone', a fun, chaotic portrayal of a city gripped by gang warfare with catchy songs and memorable characters. Our journey from that moment to today, in what is Kent College Dubai's first full scale musical, has been one of great discovery.  We have unearthed the gifted, talented and enthusiastic pupils, staff and parents from across the school community. Witnessing such a diverse group of people come together with a shared goal, and seeing new friendships form is as important a part of the creative process as the growing confidence and performance skills of the pupils we are working with.

I do not have enough words (or pages) to express my gratitude to those who have contributed to the process but Mrs Bourdillon, Mr Bourdillon and I would like to draw attention to just a few of them. We would like to thank all the staff who have contributed both directly and indirectly, from those who supervised pupils and painted set to those who offered support and encouragement - it is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Jade Thomas, Vonika Shelley, Steph Rae, Lillie Petinou and Chris Starling.

 - Tania Farooq, Dani Westrich, Mel Hall, Sheila Wood, Isabelle Ryan, Carina Klockner, Renata Tonin and Carla Taylor for their assistance with the organisation of the costumes and changes.

Melissa Hayward and Stephen Hindley - for their wonderful production photographs.

Linda O'Connell and Steve Ward (and his Set ECA) - for all of their work in creating the set pieces (and Linda for all of the head pieces she has lovingly hand made!).

- Rebecca Dibble - the band's fabulous flautist.

- Yousef Khan - from Music Box - Yousef and his team of musicians are already closely associated with Kent College Dubai, providing a range of peripatetic instrumental tuition to pupils across the Junior and Senior School, today they form much of the professional and talented pit band - giving our pupils the valuable experience of performing with a live professional band.

- Jane Barker - for her tireless energy and beautiful choreography.

Rahail Siddiqui - a new member of our team this term, Rahail is our Performing Arts Technician and has already proved his value technically but also educationally and musically.

Finally I would like to reserve special thanks to Mrs Bourdillon and Mr Bourdillon, without whom this truly would not have been possible. Their combined talent, exuberance and patience (with the pupils and with me) will hopefully continue to be an asset to Kent College for many years to come.  I am already looking forward to collaborating with them and our fantastic pupils again in the coming academic year on more concerts, showcases and musicals".