A group of 7 Students in a golf cart
U11 Touch Rugby

U11 Touch Rugby

The Kent College Under 11 Touch Rugby Team have had an amazing season. They competed in 3 tournaments with schools from all over Dubai. For the first tournament, as a new school, KCD was placed in a Beginner's level group of teams. This was fitting as many of the members of the KCD team had only begun playing the sport since joining this year, and that members of the team are from Year 4, 5 and 6. Competing against teams made up of all Year 6s.
However, following the excellent performance in the first tournament KCD were promoted 2 divisions into the more Intermediate level groups of teams; where KCD looked very comfortable and competitive.
Following the first two tournaments KCD managed to compete for the Shield or Plate playoffs. Sadly we just missed out on the finals for the Shield. During this tournament, and those previous, the KCD team showed great skill, determination, character, honesty, discipline and especially sportsmanship.
Mr Pavey and Mr O'Malley are very proud with the progress of the rugby team, including the children from the Rugby ECA who were selected for previous tournaments, or came very close to breaking into the team. 
Rugby is alive and well in the Junior School of Kent College Dubai and we look forward to competing again in the future