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Senior DASSA Swim Gala Round 3

Senior DASSA Swim Gala Round 3

With a few changes to the team and some students swimming in different events, we were ready to challenge the other schools in a hope to claim our 1st place spot again. The team welcomed our new student to Kent College, Lina in Year 9, to the squad.

The team had performed very well in the training with Coach Ross, and we had worked hard on the areas that needed improving. The squad were ready and couldn’t wait to get in the pool. This gala also welcomed Emirates International School – Meadows, a school that hadn’t been at previous galas.

At the halfway stage, Kent College had secured a commanding lead of 30 points over the other four schools. After all individual races had finished we still had a positive lead of 18 points. However, with the relays worth double points, anyone could still win.

Final results were

U12 overall = Kent College 1st Place

U14 overall = Kent College 1st Place

Final Overall position = 1st place by 12 pts

Swimming League results so far

Round 1 = 1st

Round 2 = 2nd (by 1 pt)

Round 3 = 1st

Round 4 – 8th December @ GEMS First Point School (Hosted by Kent College)