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First visit for KHDA

First visit for KHDA

On Tuesday 20 September Kent College hosted a visit from a team of the leading officials from KHDA, led by the Director General, Dr Abdulla Al Karam. The school had the distinction to be the first new school in Dubai to be visited by the team in the current academic year, and the visitors were able to see how quickly staff and pupils have settled into a good routine and are making the most of the excellent learning environment. 

The tour started with a visit to the beautifully designed Early Years department, and on arrival in the main school building Dr Abdulla presented a KHDA planter to the school, inscribed with his good wishes for the future. Plans are already afoot to decorate the gift and fill it with plants to symbolise the growth and abundance that the new school has already started to nurture. 

The team were then able to see for themselves the learning taking place in classes from Year 1 through to Year 12 - the school has opened all yeargroups apart from Years 11 and 13 - and visit the dedicated teaching spaces in the Junior School for subjects such as science, art and music. At the same time, groups of pupils, staff and parents took part in a focus group to collect their first impressions of the new school, and these will be posted very shortly by KHDA as part of the 'Teachers of Dubai' and other social media forum.

The KHDA team left with a very positive sense of the happy atmosphere and warm welcome for our visitors, and the Principal, Patrick Lee-Browne expressed gratitude on behalf of the school that they had taken the time so early in the new term to come and see the progress that is already being made.