A group of 7 Students in a golf cart
Up and running!

Up and running!

It has been a momentous week for Kent College Dubai as the school opened on schedule on Sunday morning. Led by Principal Patrick Lee-Browne and Head of the Junior School Carmella Jodrell, the entire staff welcomed the school’s founding pupils and their parents as they came through the doors for the very first time.

For the teaching and admin staff, this first day was the culmination of many weeks of hard work as they have arrived in Dubai, settled themselves and their families, and taken part in an intense two-week induction course to immerse themselves fully in the Kent College ethos. As parents, pupils and staff all gathered in the reception area, the dream of extending the Kent College family from Canterbury to Dubai became a reality. Many thanks to everyone who has worked to achieve this dream over the past few months and years, and to all the parents who believe in the Kent College vision for the future of their children.

Addressing the parents, the Principal, Patrick Lee-Browne, stressed the value of a community in which parents, pupils and staff all share the same values and ethos, sustaining the emphasis on individuality and strong personal development that is the defining characteristic of Kent College in Canterbury.

As the week has progressed, school has very quickly settled down into a routine, and parents’ feedback about the school has been really positive. We look forward to publishing regular updates on this website and on the Kent College Dubai Facebook page www.facebook.com/kentcollegedubai/