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Parents bulletin 11.8.16.

Parents bulletin 11.8.16.

11 August 2016

Dear Parents

I hope you have had a good summer break, and your thoughts will doubtless have been turning to the practicalities of starting the new school year with us. I am writing to bring you up to date with developments for the opening of Kent College Dubai at the end of the month.

Between now and the end of the month we will aim to send you regular bulletins with additional information, and please continue to contact us with questions and queries on anything relating to the school.


If you have visited us at the MHK offices recently in Jumeirah Road you will have appreciated that we now have a full complement of admin support staff, and their details are provided with this bulletin. The teaching staff have been arriving in Dubai over the last few days and weeks, and on Sunday we start a two-week induction programme to bond the team that has been gradually coming together since the first appointments were made last autumn. We will be based at the Meydan grandstand for the programme to give time for the finishing touches to be made to the school buildings.


Progress on the Senior School building means that it’s likely we will not be occupying that part of the school from the outset of the new term, but the contractors are working flat out to get it finished, so we will update you with more information nearer the time. We are planning with every intention to open our doors to all our pupils on 28 August.

Uniform lists and guidelines

Also enclosed with this bulletin are the uniform lists and guidelines for all ages. Details of the ways to buy uniform and sports kit are available via the school website. You can also buy this at a pop-up shop that will be operating at the Meydan grandstand from 21-25 August. Further details of this will follow.


Included with this bulletin is a document that explains our ICT strategy and the provision of Chromebooks to all pupils from Year 3 upwards.

At the start of term, the EYFS do not need to bring anything with them. Pupils from Year 3 upwards should bring a pencil case with typical contents (no scissors, please, for the time being) and Junior School pupils should also bring a reading book.

School Bags

There is no official school bag, so pupils can choose one that reflects their own personality and purposes, but they should not be overly garish, or have slogans or messages on them. All bags need to be big enough to take A4 files and those for Junior School pupils should not have wheels.

School rules and Code of Behaviour

Copies of the Senior School School rules and Junior School Code of Behaviour are included with this bulletin.


Due to the location of the kitchens in the middle of the Senior School building, we will not be able to provide school lunches from the start of term. Pupils should therefore bring their own packed lunch for the time being; please be aware that we have a nut-free policy, so please do not prepare packed meals that include nuts.

As promised at the start of this bulletin, we will be providing further regular updates in the coming days, including the Junior School rules, the Parents’ handbook and details of the induction programme for pupils. In the meantime, please contact us with any queries, and I look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Kind regards,

Patrick Lee-Browne



  • Support staff list
  • Uniform guides (JS and SS)
  • Senior School rules
  • KCD ICT strategy